What does a personal trainer do?

A personal trainer creates one-on-one fitness programmes for their clients, motivating and guiding them to achieve their goals. PT’s have varying degrees in knowledge but must have a level 3 certificate in personal training.

How much does a personal trainer cost?

The cost of a single personal training sessions is £30. A discount is available for block bookings costing just £120 for 5 sessions.

How long is a personal training session?

The average PT session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

How often do I need a personal trainer?

This is completely dependent on your own goals and expectations. Please feel free to speak to one of our friendly PT’s about their packages and agree a timeframe up front.

What are the benefits of a Personal Trainer?

• See better results sooner
• Avoid Injuries
• Lose fat and gain muscle
• Break through plateaus
• Set realistic goals
• Holds you accountable
• Challenges you to be better
• Establish lifelong exercise habits